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Sqilline implemented SAP ERP solution for the diary industry at LB Bulgaricum

LB Bulgaricum is the only state company in Bulgaria combining scientific research and modern technologies in the production and export of dairy products. The mission of the company is to ensure constant product satisfaction - natural source of health and energy.


  • Combine and optimize the huge amount of company data
  • Provide a complete ERP solution to manage the company production lifecycle
  • Streamline raw milk collection and receipt
  • Calculate actual production costs


  • Optimized supply chain
  • Increase efficiency in procurement
  • Optimize production planning process
  • Ensure food safety and regulatory compliance
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Develop new products faster and more effectively


  • Achieves corporate objectives by aligning workforce and organizational objectives
  • SAP Hana DB enables real-time business and optimize working processes with all involved parties.
  • User-friendly and flexible system structure
  • Provides accurate and right-time information for decision making
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