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Be more efficient in distribution and customer acquisition through mobility


Inadequate technology, data, inventory visibility and availability, customer experience – these are some pressing challenges wholesalers and distributors are facing today. While a few wholesalers and distributors have highly developed digital capabilities and are generating meaningful revenues via mobile and e-Commerce channels, most are still in the early stages of development and adoption.


Sqilline’s innovative solutions, combined with the SAP sophisticated technology, enable wholesalers to manage data, maximize inventory and create a unified commerce platform which eliminates individual channel silos and offers a consistent customer experience across all customer touch-points. We empower wholesale distributors to leverage new, mobile technologies, e.g. for optimizing deliveries, and to develop an integrated supply chain strategy in an effort to attain operational excellence and market differentiation.

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Smart Delivery

Deliver faster while offering better customer services

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Sales Plus for SAP ERP

Mobilize your sales force for effective sales in the field with Sales Plus for SAP ERP

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Achieve progress in your business with a market-leading SAP enterprise resource planning system (ERP)

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