Sqilline is proud to celebrate this event as the trusted technology solution provider utilising REAL-WORLD EVIDENCE to IMPROVE ONCOLOGY CARE on a NATIONAL LEVEL


9 May 2023 – Sofia, Bulgaria – The National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products held an Appled Science Conference to present its objectives, methodology and achievements for the EU HTA Regulation 2021/2282. The regulation aims to achieve a high-level of health safety for all patients and users of health technologies.

Sqilline and the National Council united forces in 2019 when Danny Platform started gathering and processing all medical statistical data received by the Council to allow analyses of clinical treatment outcomes. Since then we have built an excellent trust, respect and successful partnership between a supplier and a health authority. Danny Platform is the analytics platform evaluating real-world clinical outcomes and delivering the Council with the capability to monitor the effectiveness of new therapies. 

Prof. Manoela Manova, NCPRMP opened the panel with the clear statement that the monitoring of new therapies is a key priority for the Council. Mihail Zekov, Sqilline and Dr. Radoslav Mangaldzhiev, Sofia Oncology Centre presented the latest achievements of the innovative therapies’ monitoring and the methodology used to support decision making and outcome follow-up.

“We are proud to partner with the National Council. We are fully dedicated to further developing our technology and supporting the efforts of our state authorities to build an effective and sustainable healthcare system based on data, technology, and innovation,” said Desislava Mihaylova, Founder and CEO of Sqilline.

Thanks to our technology and the initiative of the Council, Bulgaria is ranked among the few EU countries that collects and analyses data from real-world practice. By embracing digital solutions as Danny Platform, NCPRMP is leading the country on the path of evidence-based medicine. Sqilline is grateful to be in this unique position as the healthcare technology solution provider for this state authority.

Danny Platform is a Big Data and AI enabled healthcare system that integrates and processes real-world data (RWD) from electronic health records.The software extracts medical statistical data from hospital information systems aiming to aggregate and harmonize heterogeneous to analyse clinical treatment outcomes and clinical survival analysis with comparison of clinical trials.

These analysis aid health authorities understand how patients respond in the real-world and therefore facilitate efficiency in public spendings. This will empower value-based payment models for better use of government spending while improving patient healthcare quality and outcomes.

Danny Platform is built on proprietary algorithms and extensive computing power, which structures and filters clinical data to help healthcare professionals and health authorities make informed decisions.

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