A contract  for financial granting  from the Ministry of Economy to Sqilline

A contract for financial granting from the Ministry of Economy to Sqilline

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  • 5 years ago

     The project aims at implementing an innovative product (service) for practical education and expertise in the field of healthcare provided by computer and mobile application: Expert Knowledge for Health. Innovation belongs to the thematic area "New technologies in creative and recreational industries," direction "Computer mobile applications and educational nature "of ISIS. Innovation is aimed at practical education in the medical field as an opportunity health care professionals to develop their skills and knowledge by acquaintance with already shared experience the specifics of their colleagues. It is a tool for (Interdisciplinary) education collaboration  session between different specialists medicine, conducted entirely in the online space. Now collaboration traditionally these educational sessions are held only in person at specialized forums where experts from around the world, for example in the field of oncology, share their practical experience in the prevention and treatment of cancer. The implementation of the project will be funded under the Operational Programme "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020, and the total amount of investment 867 827.75 lv, of which 781 044.98 lev grants (663 888.24 lv European and 117 156.74 lv national co-financing) and 86 782.77 lv own financing.

       Overall objective of the project:

   Increasing the innovation of "Sqilline  Business Solutions" OOD thematic area "New technologies in creative and recreational industries", direction "Computer and mobile applications educational nature" of ISIS, through the implementation of Innovative computer and mobile application and marketing of innovative service education and practical expertise in healthcare: Expert Knowledge for Health.

        Specific project objectives:

  • Implementation and marketing of innovative global service practical education and expertise in the field of health care;
  • Expanding the portfolio of services offered to "Sqilline Business Solutions "LTD;
  • Expanding the capacity of "Sqilline  Business Solutions" LTD;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of "Sqilline  Business Solutions" LTD.

        Expected results:

  • Introduction of innovative computing and mobile application with which to provides an innovative service for practical education and expertise in healthcare;
  • To achieve the desired cost innovative service and as a consequence - achieving the deadline for discounted payback between 1 and 5 years;
  • Ability to simultaneously supply the product of a large number of users both as a result - achieving internal rate of return between 20 and 40%;
  • Increase productivity on from the introduction innovation and its market relevance. conducted market research with which to ensure successful market realization of innovative services; Provided consulting services for knowledge transfer of two types; Certification of innovation, according to the Agency for Food and
  • Medicines of USA (U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationFDA)

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