Adherence to treatment and decision support technology

Sofia, June 17, 2022 The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) held its Bulgarian Chapter event and Sqilline took an essential part in it. Having a discussion around the latest trends in the adherence to treatment, Sqilline had the opportunity to share and present the Decision Support solutions developed in Danny Platform.

ISPOR has the vision to “improve decision making for health” and it corelates to Sqilline’s vision to “transform human health through technology”. This was clearly stated by Nezabravka Tzvetanova from Sqilline at the ISPOR Bulgarian Chapter event dedicated to the adherence to treatment topic. She presented two use cases: the first one, regarding impowering physicians to reinforce early familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) identification, improve patient treatment adherence and future patient outcomes, and the second one, regarding screening enhancement for earlier diagnosis and treatment adherence in patients with rare diseases. These two cases prove the benefits of Danny Platform for the patients, healthcare professionals and industry.

Danny Decision Support aims to empower physicians with data-driven technology to accelerate the path to medical diagnosis for patients. The solutions also enable pharmaceutical companies to have a better insight into the patient profile and patient pathway. Via advanced AI and ML algorithms, Danny Decision Support identifies in real-time high-risk, eligible patients for screening.

In Danny Platform, physicians work independently with real-world data and expert analytics. Danny Decision Support provides structured visualization of clinical data of individual and large cohorts of patients. It’s evidence-based decision support to improve physicians’ workflow, support early diagnosis and timely treatment, reduce medical errors and overlooked items, and contain costs.

The role of technology in clinical decision support is expanding. More physicians embrace digital solutions to support their busy daily routine. The main objective of clinical decision support solutions is to structure and filter information so physicians only analyze data relevant to the specific case. It’s obvious Danny platform “improves decision making for health.”

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