Beyond the randomized clinical trials comes the real-world evidence

Sofia, November 14, 2022 – Dr. Gergana Shalamanova from the Oncology Center in Plovdiv showed the interesting comparison of Real-world Evidence (RWE) vs. Randomized Clinical Trials at the Second National Congress in Dermatooncology.

The results of BRAF inhibitors’ registrational clinical trials have been externally validated to the real-world population of patients with BRAF+ melanoma using Sqilline Danny Platform.

The efficacy of certain targeted therapies in BRAF+ melanoma patients is better in real-world settings compared to the results of two randomized clinical trials with differences of:

  • 20 and 24% in progression-free survival (PFS) at 12 months;
  • 12 and 13% in overall survival (OS) at 12 months.

Beyond the randomized clinical trials comes the real-world evidence… Danny Platform compares both and shows higher efficacy of targeted therapies in real-world BRAF+ melanoma patients,” said Dr. Shalamanova.

These findings open discussion for the wider use of technology in generating Real-world Evidence (RWE) to assess treatment outcomes in real-world settings.

Sqilline Danny Platform proves to be a highly effective technology to collect, process, and analyze Real-world Data (RWD) from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and turning it into RWE.

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