Bulgaria on the path to utilize real-world evidence to improve oncology care

Sofia, June 5, 2019 – The Bulgarian National Council on Prices and Reimbursement (NCPR) of medical products chose Sqilline as an exclusive vendor of an innovative software solution for monitoring the effectiveness of new/innovative drugs.

Danny Platform, through the analytical tool Danny Analytics, extracts medical statistical data from hospital information systems aiming to aggregate and harmonize heterogeneous data for real-time queries and analyses of clinical treatment outcomes.

The solution introduces a fundamental shift in how reimbursement agencies begin to deploy real-world evidence in studying drug effectiveness and monitoring patient treatment outcomes.

Danny Analytics will extract, process and structure health records from the national specialized oncology and hematology hospitals to provide NCPR with data suitable for analyses on the effect of new and innovative drugs included in the Positive Drug List. Collecting information about each specific medication from the hospitals will be done automatically on a regular basis. The data then provided to the Council will be processed in compliance with strict conditions and criteria for monitoring the effect of innovative drug therapies. The records will be fully anonymized to protect the patient’s privacy.

Processed and aggregated data from Danny Analytics will be delivered to NCPR in the form of digital reports. This will enable the Council and the other payers to track and analyze the clinical benefits of treatment therapies on the level of disease profile. It will provide for informed decisions, budgetary predictability, assessment of the effectiveness within the public budget spendings and overall improved quality of patient care. Furthermore, this will extend the scope of scientific knowledge, awareness, guidance, and trends of new drugs and technologies to help doctors, government institutions and pharmaceutical companies quickly interpret all the available data and provide effective patient solutions.

The software application Danny Analytics addresses the current challenges of the medical sector. The rising healthcare cost in oncology, including new medical approaches and technologies, creates difficulties for healthcare institutions and professionals to plan and manage the cost of patient care. This problem creates an urgent need for a deeper understanding of the benefit-risk ratio of different therapeutic options and the analyses of the available real-world information from the actual practice.

Sqilline holds a unique position by becoming the first company in Central and Eastern Europe to support the National Reimbursement Council with real-world evidence required in evaluating the effectiveness of new drugs. This will empower value-based payment models for better use of government spending while improving patient healthcare quality and outcomes.

This significant transformation was carried out in accordance with the Law of Regulation on the conditions, rules, and procedures for control and registration of prices of medical products in Bulgaria.


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