New Augmented Reality Apps make your job easier and your workplace mobile

New Augmented Reality Apps make your job easier and your workplace mobile

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  • 7 years ago

Can you imagine how much Augmented Reality could contribute to your business?

Although the adoption of augmented reality (AR) in the enterprise is still in an early stage, AR technology is a tool can be used by organizations as a tool for enhancing the business processes. Augmented reality brings contextual information about the things you’re viewing.

See some of the benefits:

  • Uniqueness – AR has great potential for organizations to make the most of this exciting and unique technology.
  • Personalization – Since AR is based on your own concepts and ideas, it relates specifically to them and is more engaging to a customer
  • Interactivity – The elements or surprise and personalization makes AR very entertaining and interactive and promotes excitement among customers and users
  • Virality – Unique solutions can provoke further interest and create a larger pull in the market.

According to Gartner experts, AR is most useful in industries where workers are either in the field, do not have immediate access to information, or jobs that require one or both hands and the operator’s attention. AR leverages and optimizes the use of other technologies such as mobility, location, 3D content management and imaging and recognition. It is especially useful in the mobile environment because it enhances the user’s senses via digital instruments to allow faster responses or decision-making.

Realizing the potential of the new technology, recently SAP announced two augmented reality (AR) apps, the SAP AR Warehouse Picker mobile app and SAP AR Service Technician mobile app.

SAP AR Warehouse Picker App is helping the worker to do all required tasks using smart glasses, which is expected to improve situation awareness, efficiency and workplace security. He is enabled to have hands-free experience using visualization and voice recognition to receive instructions via smart glasses, as well as allowing data entry to be handled through scanning or voice recognition. He is also provided inventory location, alerts and instructions for maintenance handling, and the delivery of safety messages to prevent accidents. With planned simplified authentication, the user experience is simplified by eliminating the need to enter a username, password or other information required on the smart glasses.


AR is clearly among the future trends and will contribute integration of all solutions such as machine to machine technology for years to come, the ability to have real time information, so that people can make quick decisions and in turn provide a better customer service. Because as we all know the workforce and indeed the customer want a connected life.

It is important to know that prior to deploying an AR solution as an internal tool, enterprises must identify a clear goal or benefit for the deployment, such as improved access to information, or to provide training and assess how the organization can use AR to reach this goal.

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