Now Patient Pathway in Danny Analytics

With the continual improvement on our software, Sqilline launched new functionality in Danny Analytics – Patient Pathway.

Our Patient Pathway is an interactive, data-rich source, effectively visualizing, in a timeline, the patient’s overall medical path including diagnosis, hospitalizations, procedures performed, therapies prescribed, patient outcomes, etc.

At a glance, with one click, all information about the patient treatment from the start of therapy to the time of evaluation is displayed in front of me. It helps me, in my daily work, before each oncology commission, to have access to the summarized medical documentation in one place! “, commented Dr. Radoslav Mangaldjiev, Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the Specialized Hospital for Oncological Diseases in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Through the timeline feature, physicians can observe what procedures have been done for months and years, as well as follow the trend of the disease. Having comprehensive documentation in one place can assist in making an informed decision about the next steps of treatment and improve the overall quality of health care. The main advantage of the timeline, allocating events in sequence, allows for fast access to significant clinical indicators and view from beginning to end.

Danny Analytics’ Patient Pathway additional features and benefits include:

  • extremely easy and convenient search by keywords from free text 
  • effective visualization of integrated electronic health records
  • optimization on follow-ups and treatment outcomes
  • assisting oncology specialists to have access to the summarized medical documentation in one place before an oncology commission
  • ability to create cohorts of patients, based on search criteria
  • provides an opportunity to predict the most appropriate therapy, based on processed, aggregated and analyzed Big Data
  • an extremely useful solution to pre-select and identify high-risk patients eligible for screening for a rare disease, applying including/excluding set of criteria
  • speeds up the diagnostic process for rare diseases to offer a better opportunity for effective therapy in the early stages of the illness
  • statistics on large patient populations 

Sqilline continuously collaborates with physicians from various fields like oncology, cardiology, rare diseases, neurology, etc. 

With the release of the new functionality, the number of physicians actively working with Danny Analytics has increased

Patient Pathway supports their work to be more productive and valuable for patients, and to provide a better quality of health care

All platform users now work with the Patient Pathway add-on and have the latest version of Danny Analytics!

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