Oncology Hospital Sofia – winner in ‘Win SAP Mobile Enterprise App’ campaign

Oncology Hospital Sofia – winner in ‘Win SAP Mobile Enterprise App’ campaign

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  • 7 years ago

During this year’s SAP Forum, Sqilline announced the winner in the competition for application ideasWinMobileApp. The idea behind the initiative was to enable companies in Bulgaria to present their vision and ideas for enterprise mobility apps.

Sqilline launched the competition in May this year. According to the rules, each company was invited to describe a mobile application, it needs in its daily practice. The prize for the best idea was a discount of € 3,800 from the overall price for the creation and implementation of the specific application by Sqilline.

“We received many interesting proposals, the selection was extremely difficult, but the idea of Oncology Hospital Sofia to develop a mobile application for diagnostic imaging drew our attention immediately” – said Desislava Mihaylova, managing partner at Sqilline.

The criteria for assessment were comprehensiveness, usability and usefulness, i.e. how this app would contribute to a significant change in the daily work of users. Particularly important for the jury was the idea to be useful to society and/or the workflow in the company.

“Diagnostic Imaging is a very broad field, it incorporates the so-called modalities, such as computed radiography, computed tomography , ultrasound, mammography, MRI, etc. We agree that a mobile application, showing patient results, will be very useful for everyone. It can be used by both doctors, working in diagnostic imaging and doctors from other areas – such as surgeons, anesthetists, general practitioners” – added Mihaylova.

The winning idea will be developed on SAP mobile platform. The application will allow any doctor, after authorized admission, a fast and convenient access to the results of the patients.

“A mobile application for diagnostic imaging will give doctors the mobility and flexibility to review the results anywhere and anytime, easy access to patient record and the opportunity to share the outcome by e-mail, to exchange opinions with other colleagues “- said Jordan Iliev, Head of IT department, Oncology Hospital Sofia. ”The mobile application will be also very useful for graduate students, who send the results to doctors by specialty for opinion and confirmation of diagnosis” – added Iliev.

The application is expected to be on the market in April 2015.


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