Protecting your enterprise with leading mobile security solutions

Protecting your enterprise with leading mobile security solutions

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  • 7 years ago

The increased usage of devices such as tablets and smartphones, which are now used by more and more people in their everyday lives has led to a great number of small and big companies allowing employees to bring their own devices to work (BYOD). Mobile workforce is definitely a reality, as recent studies show that 80% of employees say they need to access work documents from outside the office. With so many business documents now located on employee laptops, smartphones, and tablets, enterprises need to look more serious on security challenges.

The enterprise-ready SAP® solutions give control access to corporate content as they provide users with secure, easy method for accessing and collaborating on corporate documents and reduce risk by eliminating vulnerabilities introduced by consumer-based tools.

The ideal solution would protect corporate data without compromising the user experience.

 The ideal mobile-security solution would offer a general-purpose platform that helps enterprises create self-defending apps in a unified way across iOS, Android and Windows devices. It would combine security and usage policies around individual mobile apps and allow the enterprise to add unlimited layers of protection to any app that needs more security.

SAP MOBILE SECURE by Sqilline combines the power of leading security solutions and proven security technologies to deliver comprehensive management and risk-free enterprise mobility.

We provide implementation and software development services of highest quality with focus on SAP Enterprise Mobility. Choose your priority from our solutions:

  • SAP Afaria is the trusted solution to manage and secure deployments of mobile devices for any size of company – in the cloud or on-premise.
  • SAP Mocana accelerate enterprise mobile app adoption by adding advanced security capabilities with application wrapping, without user interaction
  • SAP Mobile Documents protect your sensitive content and provides users security access to documents from their mobile devices.

Build your security strategy with Sqilline and get your BYOD solution for 10 days implementation !


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