Sopharma Trading implemented Sqilline’s Smart Delivery App

Sopharma Trading implemented Sqilline’s Smart Delivery App

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  • 4 years ago

Sopharma Trading, one of the biggest Bulgarian companies and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, has successfully implemented Sqilline’s Smart Delivery App.

Smart Delivery is an Android-based mobile solution for delivering, loading and unloading goods faster, securely and more transparently. It connects to the SAP ERP/Transportation module and is built on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform with a secure user authentication.

With the new app, Sopharma Trading employees have now access to data of nearly 10,000 pharmaceutical items located in the four modern warehouses of the company in the key Bulgarian cities - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. Smart Delivery also improves the workflow of the company’s fleet of over 130 vehicles to reach quicker and seamlessly their network of over 3,000 customers.

Sqilline Smart Delivery reduces delivery time significantly, increases drivers’ accountability and ensures customer satisfaction, while giving feedback (to the customer) in real time for the order status. Learn more about the app here.

The implementation of the App allows Sopharma Trading to offer modern and flexible pharmaceutical solutions to end customers and business partners.

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