Sqilline has released a new Dashboard add-on in Danny Platform

The application allows you to create interactive charts and reports, visualize them on one screen and export them automatically.

You no longer need to open multiple Bookmarks. Danny Dashboard displays charts, graphs, and key metrics for each user. In Dashboard, you get real-time, live updates when new data is uploaded into Danny Platform.

Main functionalities:

  • New types of diagrams – linear, mixed
  • Dynamic parameters – directly, in each graph a parameter can be edited or added a new one, and the system will simultaneously recalculate in real-time
  • Format and rearrange graphics – allows editing and resizing
  • Direct export of graphics – automatically from the application to a corporate PowerPoint or PDF template


  • Operational flexibility and interactivity
  • Control over customization of your analytics reports
  • Visibility of real-world data and the company activity by key parameters
  • Saves time and effort for preparing presentations

With Danny Dashboard, users can quickly and efficiently see trends, dependencies. The new application empowers anyone to immediately prepare various analyzes and reports regarding the RWE of a patient population.


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