Sqilline Runs Global SAP ERP Rollout for EGT Latin America

On 01.10.2019 Sqilline triggered a “Mexican Wave” with a successful SAP GO LIVE Panama for Euro Games Technology (EGT). This completed the first flow of the Global SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) rollout for EGT in Latin America.

The “Mexican Wave” project envisions the parallel SAP ERP system integrations with sequential start all within 6 months period into EGT’s offices in Panama, Mexico, and Columbia.

EGT is one of the fastest-growing companies in the global gaming industry and one of Sqilline’s foremost and valuable customers. The company’s activities relate to the development, production, and distribution of a diverse range of gaming products.

For a European company, successful SAP implementation into Latin America always presents as a great test. Some of the major challenges are:

  • SAP integration with third-party software – the complex legislation requires an integration layer to be applied between SAP and other systems like – local software, hardware and service providers

The project “Mexican Wave” is vital because it will strengthen EGT’s position as a key player in the region and will dramatically enhance and improve their sales and service support for the customers. For Sqilline, this is also a major achievement and it further confirms our expertise in the field.


Happy Go Live SAP Panama team!

Next wave is SAP Go Live Mexico.

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