Survival in Pediatric Cancers in Romania Symposium to Feature Sqilline’s Partnership with Daruieste Aripi Association and RSPOH

Bucharest, February 15, 2024 – Sqilline Health SRL is honoured to participate in the event “Survival in Pediatric Cancers in Romania – Current State, Outlook, and Opportunities,” organized by the Dăruiește Aripi Association in collaboration with the Romanian Society of Pediatric Oncology-Hematology. This significant occasion is also endorsed by the Health Commission of the Romanian Senate and will be held at the Romanian Parliament’s “Avram Iancu” Hall.

The event’s main goal is to unveil the results of Romania’s second national study on childhood cancer survival. This project draws upon a decade of data collected from the National Registry for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology. The presentation offers invaluable insights, enabling a thorough grasp of the report’s findings and implications. Notably, the study’s results highlight an improvement in the survival rates of children diagnosed with cancer.

Sqilline’s Contribution

Sqilline’s involvement in this event is pivotal in advancing the understanding and management of pediatric cancers in Romania. Through Sqilline Health SRL’s strategic partnership with the Dăruiește Aripi Association and RSPOH, Danny Platform was utilized to structure the registry data, analyze improvements in overall survival, and identify specific areas requiring improvement and investment in pediatric oncology care in Romania.

Thanks to the powerful analytical tools of the Danny Platform and the support of the Dăruiește Aripi team, we were able to conduct in-depth analyses based on a decade’s worth of data collected by key stakeholder institutions and leading onco-hematology physicians. These analyses are unveiling key insights and setting concrete steps for enhancing diagnosis and collaboration between centers in remote areas and leading hospitals in Bucharest.

Here the main conclusions drawn from the report generated by Sqilline and Danny Platform:

  • Survival at 5 years (0-14 years) in Romania stands at 72% (2010-2017), compared to the EU average of 81% and 71% in Eastern Europe (according to EUROCARE 6).
  • The increase in survival in Romania is very accelerated, rising from 69% to 74% for very close incidence cohorts (2010-13 to 2014-17).
  • Chances of survival for children (0-14 years) are better than for adolescents and young people (15-19), highlighting the need for dedicated services (PNCC and SIOPE objective).
  • Survival rates differ significantly depending on the environment/region of residence of the case, with an 8% difference between urban and rural areas, as well as between BIF and NE/SE regions.
  • Survival rates increased significantly in 2014-2017 compared to 2010-2013 for most types of tumors, especially in the 0-14 age group, including – hemopathies (>5% LAL, LNH) and solid tumors (>5% in soft tissues, renal, germinal; 10% in CNS, bone).

As a committed partner in the fight against pediatric cancers, Sqilline Health SRL is dedicated to supporting initiatives aimed at improving survival rates and enhancing the quality of life for young patients. Our participation in this symposium underscores our commitment to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact in the field of pediatric oncology.

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