The solution to global delivery’s growth challenges

The solution to global delivery’s growth challenges

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  • 5 years ago

Recent European insights show the enormous impact of mobile technology which is already changing the retail market. As more than 25% of all shoppers is expected to buy mobile in 2016, a pile of orders is waiting to get shipped in the next few month to their final destination.

But let’s face it – application delivery is a tough nut to crack. Every delivery option has drawbacks, such as cost, connectivity and user experience. And retailers need to ensure that their shipping options will enable consumers to receive their packages as quickly as possible, while still remaining cost-effective for company budgets.

In reality, things are pretty simple – if shoppers do not receive purchases оn time, this could have a long-term detrimental effect on the brand and lead to los followers. One online store or retail chain, though, doesn’t include only end user delivery but also a clean workflow, a warehouse and a constant inventory visibility and availability, as well as innovation & technology deployment.

The solution to improve effectiveness of deliveries is simple – go mobile. But taking that choice is possibly the easiest part. Making it happen, by giving employees the tools they need to succeed is hard. Cost, security and end-user satisfaction are all important considerations. If an organization ignores any of those factors, it can sink a planned mobile application deployment. Enterprise mobility can do great things for employee productivity, but it raises some serious concerns for IT professionals – particularly when it comes to developing and deploying mobile applications. Every business is about obtaining results. If you do not know where you are and where you want to go, then you cannot develop a plan to get there.

What are the biggest obstacles when deploying mobile delivery apps?

  • Data and data management – try answering the question which core operational metrics you need to watch daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure you are meeting all expectations and meet your benchmark results. As many clients are looking to PIM and MDM solutions to supplement you should create a strict system of all valuable metrics.
  • Flexibility – a key challenge is to deploy a real-time retail model across all channels to maximize customer experience. Retailers need to deploy a single, unified platform which eliminates individual channel silos and offers easy customer experience across all customer touch-points.
  • Quality – on the warehouse level, a quality measurement will make sure you are effectively able to pull items from inventory to fill a customer order quickly and without error.
  • Best use of technology and innovation – speaking of mobile technology and devices they often need to be updated or replaced. When talking about cost effectiveness, the final IT solution should provide key measure of efficiency. And at the same time in terms of delivery – security and availability.
  • Service – customers expect on time delivery and shipments. On time shipment is one that is off the dock and in transit as scheduled. Having a clear metrics insights should calculate the percentage of deliveries and shipments that meet expectations.
  • Reliability – internet connectivity is a big challenge. Depending on your mobile application delivery method, end users need to be connected to access those apps and data. Also think about cost for hosting. Self-service portal or the cloud can cut you potential financial nightmare.

The simple solution to all those obstacles is the SAP Mobile Platform which ensures that your mobile workers can have secure anytime-anywhere-access to real-time information and processes, from any mobile device. The mobile platform has the appropriate tools to drive all mobile initiatives across the entire organization. This enables you to Create & Manage multiple apps on a Mobile Enterprise platform and to securely connect all major devices.

Plan, design, and implement a successful enterprise mobility strategy using our mobile consulting and development services – from planning to custom app creation to rapid-deployment solutions, we have the tools and expertise you need to reach your mobility goals – faster. Just ask.

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