Transforming Clinical Research and Decision Support through Technology

Sofia, June 7, 2022Sqilline organized an exclusive health tech event with key stakeholders from the healthcare sector. The hot topic was the launch of Danny eClinical Research solution and its key role in the digital transformation of clinical research and the clinical decision support of healthcare professionals.

As we recently announced, Sqilline is now a Clinical Research Organization (CRO). We now offer a complete end-to-end solution – from management of observational studies, feasibility, and patient recruitment to data management and document submission to the authorities.

Desislava Mihaylova, General Manager and Founder of Sqilline in her keynote showed the main trends in the digital transformation of clinical research and gave a clear call to action to go hybrid in clinical trials. She also clearly showed the hybrid and decentralized approach is driven mainly by digitalized data collection.

Feasibility study, site activation, patient enrolment, and trial conduct are key elements in the research process to improve efficacy through technology. We need to expand the use of digital skills and technologies to increase patient centricity, health equity, and trust. Finding the right partner with the right digital expertise is key to pursue effective transformative development approaches”, she concluded.

Desislava Mihaylova, General Manager and Founder of Sqilline
Desislava Mihaylova, General Manager and Founder of Sqilline

The first expert panel stressed on two main issues feasibility studies and patient enrolment. Feasibility studies take around 2 months per trial and key investigators usually have 1-3 questionnaires to fill in per week. On the other hand, patient identification and enrolment today take from 3 to 6 months per protocol. Investigators are in need to speed up that process and Danny eClinical Research is their powerful digital solution.

Panel 1 guests
Panel 1:(from left to right) Rosen Dimitrov, Dr. Radoslav Mangaldzhiev, Dr. Antoaneta Tomova, Prof. Iva Petkova, Desislava Mihaylova

Danny eClinical Research integrates, structures, and analyses real-world data (RWD) from electronic hospital records (EHRs) and provides powerful tools to select in real-time the right investigational sites and eligible patients who match the study criteria. Timely enrolment and data quality are key for conducting cost-effective, high-efficient clinical studies. Sqilline speeds up R&D in medicine to improve patient access and outcomes through Danny Platform technology.

The second expert panel was focussed on the clinical decision support. Data-driven clinical decision support has been effectively used by physicians in shaping patients’ treatment plans with the continuous advancement of AI algorithms. Experts shared their experience with Danny Decision Support in familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and rare diseases. They discussed the practical use of the technology and the way it is accurately blended in their daily workflow. They all agreed that clinical decision support technology provides vast functionalities including diagnostic, alarm systems, disease management, prescriptions, drug control, and much more.

Panel 2 guest
Panel 1:(from left to right) Rosen Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof. Teodora Chamova, Prof. Ivo Petrov, Nezabravka Tsvetanova

Sqilline’s other main priority is to empower physicians with the proper data-driven technology to enhance their everyday work. For this purpose, we developed Danny Decision Support applications. They have the ability to structure and filter information as per the physician’s specific case, to guide a path to diagnosis, to assist in treatment decisions, to alert when a high-risk patient is identified.

This health tech event was supported by the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria and Sqilline is one of the founders of the Cluster.

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