What if we could change the common approach to clinical trials?

Desislava Mihaylova, CEO and Founder, Sqilline

At Sqilline, we listen to the people we work with and often ask ourselves what if… This was the case after one of our visits in a big Romanian hospital in Bucharest. A healthcare professional asked a question about our Danny Platform: “Is it possible to find more clinical trials for more patients in need?”

Typically clinical trials progress through key activities across various phases: feasibility, recruitment, enrollment, data collection and analysis. Data collection based on Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is the key success factor in this process and new digital technologies are using them to accelerate it.

Danny Platform serves as the engine for collecting, processing, and analyzing Real-World Data (RWD) based on EHRs, providing insights and digitally transforming clinical trials for all stakeholders. It aggregates and harmonizes diverse data sources into digitized and structured medical records to support informed clinical decisions.

These medical records can be directly utilized by the physicians in charge or accessed in an anonymized and aggregated manner by external stakeholders beyond the specific medical institution. The structured data within these medical records can be organized into patient cohorts. These cohorts consist of patients meeting specific inclusion and exclusion criteria defined by the customer, forming the foundation of one of our three key solutions: Danny e-Clinical Research.

We decided to go further and asked ourselves: “What if we could change the common approach to clinical trials? What if investigators become an active part in the process of starting a clinical trial? What if investigators could see new treatment options within ongoing clinical trials? What if investigators reach out sponsors with the feasibility assessment pre-work done? What if investigators have the digital tools to accelerate the process of enrolment?”

We designed and launched our latest integrated application within Danny Platform‘FIND MORE’. This innovative tool aims to revolutionize the way investigators, sponsors, and sites find more clinical trials and treat more eligible patients.

The ‘FIND MORE’ application seamlessly integrates with the two major registries, ClinicalTrials.gov and Clinical Trials Register EU, providing investigators with real-time access to a comprehensive list of all active research studies worldwide. No more manual searches; now, investigators can effortlessly navigate through a wealth of opportunities in the global landscape of medical research.

The beauty of ‘FIND MORE’ lies in the automatic integration of electronic health records (EHR) within a user-friendly dashboard. It acts as a centralized hub of information, allowing investigators to seamlessly navigate through patient data, medical records, and relevant demographics. Finally, investigators receive a list of patients eligible for the clinical trial they consider and explore. Yes, it’s that easy!

The ‘FIND MORE’ application allows investigators and sponsors to speed up patient enrollment, reduce development costs, mitigate risks, and fast deliver outcomes. Our advanced data-driven technology allows faster patient access to better therapies.

At Sqilline, we know the power of “what if”…

Sqilline’s ‘FIND MORE’ application represents a significant step forward in medical research and patient care. This powerful tool streamlines the identification of potential candidates for clinical trials, ensuring that the right patients receive the right treatments at the right moment. By facilitating the discovery of clinical trials and enabling seamless patient enrollment, Sqilline empowers the healthcare community to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes.

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