Privacy Policy

This document aims to inform the client about how to collect, process and use personal information in its games and services on the Internet. Sqilline respect and comply with laws and regulations relating to the protection and storage of personal information. These conditions of confidentiality are applied to all services offered on the websites and mobile applications managed by Sqilline

1 Basic conditions for the collection and use of personal information

Sqilline collects and uses only the information provided during the registration process (customer name and email address.) To manage its websites and mobile applications. Personal data is collected when you access our site in case of registration and payment immediately following the service of your choice. Our websites use the following information: IP addresses, time of consumption, cookies and local information for Flash, statistical information such as browser type, operating system links that refer you to our pages, date, time, visited pages and duration and using time. All of the information collected is used for anonymous statistical studies to adapt and improve our services, to provide services and payments for communication, to offer support to our websites and various news events and offers.

In individual cases your IP address and time of visits will be used to prevent tampering or creating multiple game profiles or improper actions.

2 Cookies (Cookies)

Like many other companies in order to obtain maximum quality in the use of our websites, games and services, we collect and use temporary and permanent "cookies". "Cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer and allow optimal operation of our storage website. This serve to provide automatic access without the need each time entering a username and password. Cookies do not contain personal information or links leading to the user. If you do not want "cookies" will be stored on your computer or don’t be notified about their storage, you can prevent the installation of "cookies" by making the appropriate settings on your browser - "not accept cookies". For more information on how to use your browser, please read the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of program. We warn the user that in individual cases it will not be able to take advantage of the full functionality of our services.

3 Advertising by third parties, links to other websites, Facebook button

Sometimes you might encounter in websites Sqilline ads on third party links to third party websites for which no legal Rockstar Ltd’s responsibility . Rokstar Ltd. has no influence or responsibility over the content and structure of external links. Respective suppliers are solely responsible for the content and structure of these websites, and its relationship to confidential information. In some of the sites owned by Sqilline, one encounters Facebook button "like", which is solely owned by Facebook the rights and responsibility therefore are Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ( "Facebook"). If you press "like", but you are not registered or do not have an active registration to Facebook, you will see registration form. In this way your data will be transferred to Facebook. If you have registered and are registered, you will automatically be transferred to the service on Facebook, thus, even if you have not pressed "like", your information will be transferred when your first visit on the website. Sqilline Can’t influence in any way whatsoever. This data transfer can be disabled to unsubscribe from your Facebook profile. You can learn more about the way Facebook collects personal information about your legal rights as a client, connecting with Facebook and reading their privacy policy.

4 Provision of personal information to third parties

Sqilline will provide your personal information collected payment only others being the partners, external providers and the police only in cases where we are obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract to such third party or in cases required by law.

5 Changes

Sqilline reserves the right to modify at any time its privacy policy or the content of their websites, or block access to them. Sqilline will notify users of any changes made.

6 Rights to delete and recover data

Any user consented to handle his personal information may cancel their agreement. Information will be deleted as soon as it ceases to be necessary or the user himself said he wants it to be deleted. Note that the data will not be deleted if there are obligations that must be met or if the data is needed for payments or fees for services.