An innovative way to analyze real-world treatment outcomes



Danny is an analytics platform able to evaluate massive amounts of real-world data from multiple sources in the oncology and cardiology fields.

Danny provides comprehensive searches, in-depth analyses, predictions and treatment solutions to physicians, researchers and payers.

The platform is powered by the SAP Hana Database – the world’s leading Big Data platform.

Danny’s launchpad offers fast access to its add-on applications – Danny Analytics, Danny Predictions and Danny Cardio.


  • Security

    • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
    • Data is de-identified to protect the privacy of patient
    • HIPPA compliance
    • Well-structured authorization policy
  • System Integration

    • Can be installed on-premises or on a private cloud between oncology centers
    • It connects and integrates with any EHR or HIS systems
    • It can be integrated to any payers’ data base
  • UI & Velocity

    • Quick and easy access to real-world data analytics
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Application flexibility – specific access level based on your preferred package


Danny Analytics

Danny Analytics provides real-time aggregated analyses of structured and unstructured health data with integration of registries, external clinical and drug databases, etc. The application delivers insight on how specific factors influence patient outcomes and the effectiveness of regimens for value-based care.

Analytics Tools

Danny Predictions

Danny Predictions provides quantitative predictive insights based on real world data. We utilized a suite of state-of-the-art and validated statistical and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time analyses and feedback. This includes important clinically-relevant endpoints. This application works in conjunction with Danny Analytics to predict valuable insight into real-world effectiveness of treatment, clinically-relevant diagnostic markers of response, etc.

Danny Predictions UI


  • “What If” scenarios of clinical endpoints
  • “What If” scenarios of drug pricing and reimbursement
  • “What If” scenarios of regimens vs treatment outcomes for the patients
  • It measures outcomes trough predictive machine learning algorithms for OS, PFS, etc.
  • Tight specifically to the value-based healthcare system

Danny Cardio

Danny Cardio is collecting, processing and analyzing real-world data from leading cardiac centers in order to seamlessly extract statistical summaries in an practical, understandable way. Danny Cardio includes these three main divisions: Invasive cardiology, Cardiovascular disease and Cardiac surgery.

Danny Cardio UI


  • SYNTAX Score implemented
  • Analysis based on various type categories:
    • Stent Types
    • Guidewire Types
    • Diagnostics and Therapy Procedures Types
    • Cardiac Procedures Types
  • Visualizations by bar charts, pie charts and tabular form

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