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Danny Cohorts is one of the eClinical Research applications. It stands as a new, fundamental method for automatically analyzing hospitals’ EHRs to optimize the time and cost of clinical trials and support investigators and sponsors. The application accelerates the selection of patients and manages each stage of clinical trials more efficiently. 

An NLP algorithm automatically searches through all documentation – medical records, oncology protocols, lab tests for patients matching the predefined study criterias. In just minutes, our technology can process the EHRs of a particular site from years ago to create a matching main cohort.


Digitally determine eligible patients

  • Enable sponsors to focus on sites that serve patients who meet protocol criteria

Timely alert physicians for eligible patients

  • Enrol patients prospectively into the trial by alerting investigators for eligible ones

Application Integration

  • Can be installed on-premises at every EHR system


Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy access to application's features
List of Study Cohorts
  • Overview of all ongoing clinical research
Set Filter Card for Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
  • Flexible way to set up every single parameters criteria
List of Patients
  • Quick Highlight report for number of patients eligible for protocol criteria
Alert for Eligible Patients
  • Timely automated notification for eligible patients in every single cohort
Access to Patient Profile
  • Investigators direct access each suggested patient profile from the list
Patient Assessment
  • Select different types of assessment - eligible, possible mutch, not eligible
Export Filters
  • Support investigator’s follow-up of the process and current status

Use Cases

Investigators/ Researchers

Danny Cohorts facilitates faster enrolment of patients in clinical trials. It supports informed clinical decisions through digitalized and structured medical records. It gives access to real-time RWD analyses to engage more patients in clinical trials and conduct effective research. In general, Danny Cohorts could optimize investigators’ time invested in clinical trials, medical publications, and study analyses.


Danny Cohorts identifies eligible patients for clinical trials by analyzing massive amounts of RWD to meet study criteria. It gives opportunity for conducting high-efficient clinical trials and tech-driven recommendations based on RWD.


Danny eClinical Research Platform supports the enrolment of all eligible patients in the investigational site not leaving a single patient behind. Danny Cohorts being one of the eClinical Research applications facilitates the personalized approach within clinical trials leading to better patient outcomes.

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Danny Cohorts

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