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Danny Dashboard allows you to access and combine RWD to create interactive charts / reports / key metrics, visualize on one screen, modify and export automatically.

It provides key, operational flexibility, control, and visibility to assist in the preparation of a range of analyzes and medical studies. With Dashboards you gain clarity and comprehensive insights of your target markets.

Already created dashboards get real-time, updated when new data is uploaded onto Danny Platform.


Data Security

  • Encryption and anonymization of personal patient info
  • GDPR compliance
  • Well-structured authorization policy

Data Quality

  • Proprietary algorithms & methodologies
  • Custom-built data source integration & harmonisation
  • ML-based data quality controls pipeline

System Integration

  • Can be installed on-premises or on a private cloud at every hospital center
  • It extracts statistical patient data from any EHR or HIS systems
  • It can be integrated into any payers’ database
  • Highest security standards between medical sites and our central servers

UI & Velocity

  • Quick and easy access to real-world data analysis
  • Intuitive user interface
  • SAP Hana allows for Big Data upload instantly


Presentation mode

  • Linear
  • Mixed
  • Sankey diagram

Edit mode

  • Format, rearrange, resize
  • Architect by priority

Dynamic parameters

  • Each parameter can be edited or new one added to recalculate in real-time

Add figure

  • Generate new charts via Statistics or Survival
  • Add to dashboard list

Export dashboard

  • Directly export dashboards to a corporate Powerpoint or PDF template

Use cases

Pharmaceutical companies

Danny Dashboard is a real-time visualisation tool offering great operational flexibility and interactivity. Instant visibility of RWE. Patients dynamics. With Dashboards you save time and effort in preparing corporate presentations. Comprehensive solution for pharma pricing, market access journey and strategy development.


Danny Dashboard provides the hospitals with digital, real-time visualizations of their integrated Electronic Health Records. This helps optimizations of follow-ups and treatment outcomes. With Dashboard hospitals monitor the dynamics of in and outpatients and valuable statistics. This can increase the hospital overall performance and patient satisfaction.


Evaluating the effectiveness of drugs and the comparators based on clinical and real-world evidence are critically important. Danny Dashboards provides payers with RWE graphics to evaluate survival and costs based on clinical and local data for cost-effectiveness analyses. This gives budgetary predictability and assessment of effectiveness within public budget spending.

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