Danny Decision Support for Rare

Digital application to enhance
screening and earlier diagnosis
for Rare Disease patients

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Rare diseases are a huge challenge, but there is progress in that area.

Early diagnosis and timely treatment are one key to improving the quality of life for these patients. Still, a large part of significant rare diseases is detected too late for optimal treatment.

Sqilline has taken this challenge as a task to provide physicians with innovative technology to support their daily routine.

Using AI and ML algorithms to extract data from EHRs, Danny Decision Support for Rare Diseases enables a search using predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria to suggest previously undiagnosed patients who fit the criteria for screening. Physicians are then notified to follow up and set up additional genetic tests.

Danny Decision Support for Rare Diseases automatically alerts physicians when new, high-risk patients are added to a specific cohort.



  • Search from EHRs for patients admitted to hospital-based on including symptoms but previously undiagnosed
  • Embedded ML algorithms search by keywords from the enormous volume of unstructured/free text from the epicrisis

Accelerate Diagnosis

  • Clinical decision support applications have the ability to structure and filter information so the physicians only analyze data relevant to a specific case
  • Supply path to diagnosis and assistance in treatment decisions

App Integration

  • Can be installed on-premises at every EHR system

Operating System

  • Danny Decision Support application for Rare Diseases runs on iOS, Android, and any web client version


ID for Rare Disease screening
  • Daily view of available cohorts
  • High-risk patients highlighted in red
Automated Search Process
  • Using predefined inclusion/exclusion criteria the algorithm searches through EHRs data to extract possible cases
Assessment for genetic screening
  • Physicians are presented with an assessment screen
  • Each medical record needs to be further reviewed by the physician
  • Physician final step is to assess each as eligible, possible match or not eligible for genetic screening

Use Cases


Danny Decision Support for Rare Diseases empowers physicians in real-time to identify eligible patients for rare diseases screening via advanced AI and ML Algorithms. Early diagnosis leads to timely treatment. Our Decision Support application improves physicians' collaborations and increases awareness in hospitals. Better clinical and patient-oriented outcomes.


Danny Decision Support Application for Rare Diseases enables pharmaceutical companies to better track and uncover high-risk patients for Rare Diseases using AI and ML technology to screen patient cohorts from EHRs-based RWD. Epidemiological analysis. Better insights into patient’s profile and patient pathway


Danny Decision Support for Rare Diseases accelerates the path to medical diagnosis for patients. Earlier diagnosis combined with ontime treatment can be crucial for easing the life of patients and their families. Identifying hard-to-diagnose diseases using AI and ML learning models are completely beneficial for patients.

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Danny Decision Support for Rare

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