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Data-driven Clinical Decision Support has become of better use for physicians in shaping patients’ treatment plans with the continuous advancement of AI algorithms.

Specialists start to embrace new technologies and demand RWD with Expert Analytics to be accurately blended in the daily workflow activity.

Clinical Decision Support provides vast functionalities including diagnostic, alarm systems, disease management, prescriptions, drug control, and much more. It supports the goals of clinicians, policymakers, patients, and professional organizations to improve clinical practice, patient safety, and the quality of care. 

Major focus for Sqilline has always been the physicians and more precisely how we can develop the right tools for them to discuss cases, make informed decisions.

We empower physicians to work with RWD independently by providing them direct access to Danny Decision Support Applications.


Decision Support

  • AI and NLP algorithms to improve accuracy of diagnosis
  • Algorithms use large data sets from medical records to prevent recurrent and critical events of the patients

Encourage screening

  • In-hospital screening tools for management and prevention of recurrent/critical events
  • Digital technologies shorten the path to disease diagnosis


  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) encryption
  • Personal data remains visible only on hospital network infrastructure
  • Personal data outside hospital becomes anonymized

Danny Decision Support Applications

Danny Platform is the foundational layer that aggregates and harmonizes all heterogeneous data sources.

Built on top of the core platform are these add-on Decision Support applicationsDanny Decision Support for FH, Danny Decision Support for Rare Diseases

Use Cases


Danny Decision Support empowers physicians with evidence-based data technology to select and screen high-risk patients for various diseases.
It provides structured visualization of clinical data of individual and large cohorts of patients. Evidence-based decision support to improve physicians workflow, support early diagnosis and timely treatment, reduce medical errors and overlooked items and contain costs.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Danny Decision Support enables pharmaceutical companies to better track and to uncover patient pathways on a statistical level of high risk for various diseases. It provides epidemiological analysis, patient profile for specific patient group and better RWE insights of patients’ pathway.


Danny Decision Support accelerates the path to medical diagnosis for patients. Earlier diagnosis combined with ontime treatment can be crucial for easing the life of patients and their families. Identifying hard-to-diagnose diseases using AI and ML learning models are completely beneficial for patients.

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