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Analytics platform
to speed up R&D in medicine
through RWD and AI technology

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Danny eClinical Research aims to digitally transform clinical trials for all stakeholders. Our platform allows investigators and sponsors to speed up patient enrollment, reduce development costs, mitigate risks, and fast deliver outcomes. The advanced data-driven technology allows faster patient access to better therapies.

Danny Platform is the core software powering all eClinical Research solutions. It captures, processes, and integrates hospitals’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from multiple sources using proprietary ML and NLP algorithms.

Our eClinical Research applications mark a new, fundamental method to assist clinical trial investigators and sponsors in significantly shorten the process of patient enrollment and effectively manage each study and its results.  


All-in-one Platform

  • In Danny Platform are embedded all our eClinical research solutions 
  • Integration and mutual engagement of sites allow identifying eligible patients and the most appropriate sites

Digital Clinical Trial

  • RWD from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can enhance any Observational and Phase III clinical studies
  • NLP algorithms automatically capture patient outcomes data from  medical records

Cost Effective

  • From heavily paperwork to digital patient recruitment
  • Resource optimization for the sponsors

Well-auth user policy

  • User role concept management
  • Strict user permission levels
  • Logs and reporting monitoring tools

Danny еClinical Research Applications

Danny Platform is the foundational layer that aggregates and harmonizes all EHRs and other data sources.

Built on top of the core platform are these eClinical Research applications – Danny Cohorts, Danny My Patients, FIND MORE

Use Cases


Traditional patient enrollment for clinical trials is a challenge. Enrollment processes consume up to 40% of the industry’s clinical trial budget and sponsors often struggle to identify the most suitable sites and to enroll the target number of patients.
Danny eClinical Research Platform integrates, structures, and analyses RWD from EHRs and provides powerful tools to select in real-time the right investigational sites and eligible patients who match the study criteria. Timely enrollment and quality of data are key for conducting cost-effective, high-efficient clinical studies. We speed up R&D in medicine to improve patient access and outcomes through technology.

Investigators/ Researchers

Currently, researchers have poorer efficiency with ill-timed and non-reliable digital medical records for patients who may be involved in a clinical study. Danny eClinical Research Platform provides sophisticated mechanisms for precise selection of patients to improve study compliance. Overall optimization of investigators' time for clinical trials, medical publications, and study analyses. Digitalized and structured medical records support informed clinical decisions and evidence-based treatment plans for better patient outcomes.


Patient access to innovative and effective health technologies could be lifesaving. Clinical trials very often provide treatment opportunities for the patients when all the other options have already been exhausted. Danny eClinical Research Platform supports the enrolment of all eligible patients in the investigational site not leaving a single patient behind.

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