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Sqilline’s smart approach to develop relevant digital, data-driven solutions continue to support physicians in their daily clinical routine. More specialists now demand access to a RWD platform that has harmonized, centralized, and analyzed all health data from the hospital EHRs. Our technology translates RWD into meaningful clinical insight for physicians for their patients to better navigate treatments and expedite proper diagnosis.

Danny My Patients is an interactive, data-rich source, effectively visualizing each patient’s medical record in a timeline, including diagnosis, hospitalizations, procedures performed, therapies prescribed, patient outcomes, etc. With direct, user-friendly access physicians can observe all the information on one screen, follow the trend of the disease and make an informed decision about the next steps of treatment and improve the overall quality of health care. Having all events in sequence/timeline allows for fast access to significant clinical indicators and views from beginning to end.


Individual patient summary

  • Automatically summarized including/ excluding criteria  based on study protocol

Digital medical records

  • Easy search of your patients

Clinical research support

  • Monitor and navigate your patients current and future appointment


Easy Access
  • Direct and quick access to your patient clinical data


Patient Timeline
  • Full medical records effectively visualized on one screen
Smart notification
  • Alert physicians on current status and future follow-ups
Patient’s Report
  • Analytics report on parameters from the patient’s lab results over time
Data Security
  • Protecting patient privacy by using next-generation encryption technology
System integration
  • It connects and integrates with any EHR system

Use Cases


Traditional patient enrollment for clinical trials is a challenge. Enrolment processes consume up to 40% of the industry’s clinical trial budget and sponsors often struggle to identify the most suitable sites and to enrol the target number of patients.
Danny My Patients integrates, structures and analyses RWD from EHRs and provides powerful tools to select in real-time the right investigational sites and eligible patients who match the study criteria. Timely enrollment and quality of data are key for conducting cost-effective, high-efficient clinical studies. We speed up R&D in medicine to improve patient access and outcomes through technology.


Facilitating physicians with digitized EHRs data helps overcome the challenge of technology solutions adaptation in healthcare.
Danny My Patients empowers physicians with data-driven technology to support diagnosis and improve patient outcomes. Extremely valuable for oncologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist in their daily clinical routine to have access to summarized, structured data on each specific case. Having real data filtered in front of you allows physicians to better analyze relevant cases and keep in mind general clinical guidance.
Danny My Patients expands the shift to patient-centricity and precision medicine.


Patient access to innovative and effective health technologies could be lifesaving. Clinical trials very often provide treatment opportunities for the patients when all the other options have already been exhausted. Danny My Patients supports the enrolment of all eligible patients in the investigational site not leaving a single patient behind.

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