Danny Predictions

Predicting clinical outcomes
from RWD
by validated ML algorithms

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Danny Predictions provides quantitative predictive insights based on real-world data. Here we utilized additional validated statistical and machine learning algorithms to provide predictive analyses based on RWD to include important clinically relevant endpoints like OS (overall survival), PFS (progression-free survival), etc. The prediction application empowers specialists with valuable insight into real-world effectiveness of treatment, clinically relevant diagnostic markers of response, etc.



  • EU GDPR compliance
  • Data is de-identified to protect the privacy of patient
  • Well-structured authorization policy

System Integration

  • Can be installed on-premises or on a private cloud at every hospital center
  • It extracts statistical patient data from any EHR or HIS systems

UI & Velocity

  • Quick and easy access to predictive insights based on real-world data
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Application flexibility – specific access level based on your preferred package

Danny Predictions


  • “What If” scenarios of clinical endpoints
  • “What If” scenarios of drug pricing and reimbursement
  • “What If” scenarios of regimens vs treatment outcomes for the patients
  • It measures outcomes for:
    1. overall survival (OS)
    2. progression-free survival (PFS)
    3. safety
  • Tight specifically to the value-based healthcare system

Use Cases

Pharmaceutical companies

Danny Predictions assists in improving patient access to new drugs and outcomes related differentiations. Market Assessment impact (clinical and financial KPIs) based on real-time database (AI/ML) analytics solution in healthcare.
Danny Predictions provides analysis and comparison among different drug treatment options, including drug classes, standard-of-care treatments, and competitor drug treatments.


Danny Prediction gives access to aggregated retrospective data to look at the perspective outcome, benchmarks, and RWE from therapies delivering high-quality cost-effective care. Value-based care empowers efficiency of healthcare delivery and better supports individual and population patients’ needs.


Evaluating the effectiveness of drugs and the comparators based on clinical and real-world evidence are critically important. Danny Prediction allows players to estimate, extrapolate survival and cost based on clinical outcomes giving budget predictability and transparent evidence for assessment of effectiveness.

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Danny Predictions

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