Smart Delivery

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Smart Delivery


Smart Delivery is a mobile solution for delivering, loading and unloading goods faster, securely and more transparently. It connects to the SAP ERP/Transportation module and is built on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform with secure user authentication. It reduces delivery time significantly, increases drivers accountability and ensures customer satisfaction, while giving feedback (to the customer) in real time for the order status. Smart Delivery works offline so that the driver is able to work with a shipping document without internet coverage. Furthermore, it reduces the cost of filing, processing and handling paper documents.


  • System Integration

    Smart Delivery offers tight integration with SAP ERP. It is using SAP Transportation as its backend module.
  • User Interface

    Smart Delivery gives easy access to basic application's basic features and downloads very fast all shipping documents on mobile devices.
  • Network connection

    Smart Delivery works offline without network connection on your mobile device (Android Phone).


  • Intuative User Interface

    • Easy access to application's basic features
    • Quick Summery report for past deliveries
    • Graphical representation of the delivery progress
  • Loading Goods

    • Grouping goods in stages
    • Support for grouping goods in subcategories
    • Integration with laser scanner for quick check of the goods
    • Manual check of the goods
    • Warning messages support
    • Custom goods support
  • Map Visualisation of all stages in real time

    • Map view of all stages
    • Route drawing and navigation
    • Monitor current location
    • Geofence restrictions for every stage
    • Traffic information
  • Customer Stage

    • Displays a list of all tasks that need to be done by the driver on the stage
    • Detailed information for the stage
    • Support for forced closing
  • Payments

    Visualisation of a list of all open invoices, sorting invoices by custom criteria, handling selected invoices and credit notes, multi-criteria search for external invoices
  • Reports

    • Quick Summary Report of the day and of the past delivery
    • Graphical representation of the delivery progress
  • Documents

    Support for digitally signing a document; support for collecting information for a document while receiving it
  • Third Party Integration

    • Integration with cash register device
    • Integration with laser scanner


Smart Delivery runs on Android OS

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