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While working in a dynamic environment, medical specialists need to communicate with their peers almost constantly. Smart DI is a mobile, medical application that speeds up knowledge sharing among physicians and optimizes collaboration.

It assists healthcare practitioners in review, interpretation, and analysis of patient results (e.g. blood samples, genomes, or medical images) in real-time, from remote locations, and from most mobile devices.



Smart DI is built on the SAP HCP and is HIPAA compliant. It requires user authentication access to patient records. Sensitive data is not stored on the mobile device, only on the hospital’s server.

System Integration

Smart DI is customizable: it could be cloud-based or installed on-premise. It connects and integrates with any PACS and EMR system.

UI & Velocity

Smart DI has an intuitive user interface which offers speed. It loads all types of patient images instantly.

Operating Systems

Smart DI supports iOS, Android, and Web Client versions.


Smart DI is classified as a Class I Medical Image Communications Device under FDA 21 CFR 892.2020. It is not intended for diagnostic image review.


Image & comments sharing via real-time collaboration sessions, e.g. via tumor boards.
VoIP collaboration (including a push-to-talk option).
Search by patient name, patient ID, therapy, modality (CT, CR, MG, MR, US, NM), description, еxam date.
Multiple slice view – display and navigate through all slices.
Image comparison tool.
Measurement of distance and tissue density in real units.
Window width/level center presets & control to adjust contrast and brightness.
Feed functionality – leave and track expert comments.
Report: summary of diagnosis, summary of patient results, expert assessments.
Complete history of past multidisciplinary collaborations.
Complete history of patient studies with comments.

Use Cases

Multidisciplinary team discussion challenges

Multidisciplinary meetings (e.g. tumor boards) reduce their communication challenges via the multi-user collaboration feature.
MTD members are able to store and share patient lab test results or comments and analyze progress much faster than before, using any mobile device.

Pharmaceutical industry

Using Smart DI’s collaborative tool, oncologists and other physicians, involved in targeted therapies, can easily collect and analyze patient treatment data and report instantly the progress of disease to pharma companies.

Thus, Smart DI speeds up the time-to-market (TTM) of targeted therapies and maximizes value for patients.

Instant peer consultation

Physicians have the ability to ask their peers for a second opinion via real-time collaboration sessions, e.g. a Consultant Radiation Oncologist, specialized in breast cancer whо is not an expert in prostate cancer and needs a second opinion for brachytherapy.

Mobility & Convenience

On-call physicians or physicians working in different healthcare institutions have secure access to patient images anytime, anywhere.

Educational tool

Smart DI optimizes the work schedule of senior professors and accelerates the process of knowledge transfer from senior to junior physicians.

Veterinary medical imaging

Sharing and managing animal images with Smart DI facilitates the work of on-call diagnostic imaging veterinarians. It could be particularly important for smaller clinics that don’t have imaging professionals at their disposal.

I immediately see the enormous value of the Smart DI mobile app.

It can significantly improve my daily communication with my PhD students and with our several hospital subsidiaries. With Smart DI I can optimize my work schedule, speed up the process of knowledge transfer from senior to junior physicians and ultimately speed up patient treatment.


Professor & Director, Department of Digestive Diseases, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai, China

Using Smart DI our imaging specialists have access to medical images anytime, anywhere.

So far in order to access and review patient images, physicians had to be present at the hospital’s workstation. Smart DI brings convenience and flexibility and speeds up the diagnostic reading process, in particular during tumor boards.


National Oncology Hospital, Bulgaria

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