Increase your work productivity with SAP Work Manager

Maximize return on assets (ROA) and manage asset complexity with the SAP Work Manager mobile solution. With real-time monitoring and powerful predictive analytics, using a coherent strategy and effective assets tracking, Sqilline delivers the right techno



SAP Work Manager is a mobile solution for execution of asset management and field service business processes. It connects to SAP PM and CS functionalities, and allows workers to install, inspect, maintain and repair assets in the field via mobile devices and without a network connection.


  • Asset Management

    Workers can create or edit orders/notifications from equipment on their mobile devices. They can also make real-time reports for working time and material usage.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    SAP Work Manager is integrated to a GIS where your work orders, notifications, equipment, and functional locations are related to your physical location, or other objects, using a map on your own mobile device.

  • Notification Management

    Users can access and set-up notifications pushes, allows receiving high-priority notifications without having to transmit to the back end or sync their device.

  • Object Management

    SAP Work Manager enables users to download technical objects, such as equipment and functional locations.


SAP Work Manager – mobile App for Android

Notifications list in SAP Work Manager 6.3.1 on Android tablet

SAP Work Manager – iOS mobile iPhone app

Equipment list for inspection in SAP Work Manager 6.3.4 on iOS device.

SAP Work Manager – mobile App for Android

Main menu overview in SAP Work Manager 6.3.1 on Android phone

Our customers in numbers


Airport technicians at a Canadian Airport use SAP Work Manager


equipments are inspected monthly at Carl Stahl with SAP Work Manager


machines have been repaired at Euro Games Technology by SAP Work Manager

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