Enable researchers to learn from the experience and treatment outcomes of every single patient

Unlock insights from Real-World Evidence to solve clinical and healthcare problems or test their hypotheses


Sqilline’s scientific offering allows users to conduct research and analyses on curated sets of aggregated, de-identified data in a variety of disease areas with the objective of creating new clinical knowledge and improving care delivery and patient outcomes. Our unique combination of technology, medical expertise, and collaboration with the scientific community enables investigators to develop strong research questions with a clear focus and purpose. The answers developed could become the central assertion or position of future medical publications.

Through Danny Platform, we provide secure access to curated sets of aggregated, de-identified data to support researchers from clinical practices and research centers, academia, and other non-profit organizations that can generate practical knowledge to shape the future of medicine and healthcare.

  • AI-enabled Platform

    Using ML and NLP algorithms extracting both structured and unstructured (free text) data from electronic health records to transform it into a meaningful patient’s journey
  • Scientific Publications

    Support Researchers to make impactful discoveries from real-world patient experiences in cardiology, oncology, neurology, rheumatology, rare diseases, and others.
  • Data Access Requests

    Researchers trough Medical Academia or Non- Profit Organizations requesting access to Discovery de-identified data or Reports
  • Powerful Reports

    Danny Platform provides dashboards of analytic reports for quick insights into how the population is being treated

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