Mobilize your sales force for effective sales in the field with Sales Plus for SAP ERP

Sqilline delivers the right mobile application with leading edge technologies that helps your sales reps collaborate and sell more effectively anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.



Sales Plus for SAP ERP is a mobile offline solution to support sales reps in their daily work life and to speed up their productivity. It enables sales forces to approach all the related data they need to perform their sales operation on the go.


  • Display customer information

    • Get offline access to customer data, contact information, material master data, order history and аssociate contacts to customers.
    • Locate and call customers on the map around you (including navigation) to reduce inefficient travel
    • View and maintain history (orders and activities) and reports
  • Display materials/product catalog

    • Download and display product information including pictures
    • Search/browse products by full text search, via catalogs and their categories
    • Define product highlights in SAP customizing to display those on start page
    • View product-based reports
  • Display and create sales activities

    • Capture important information like phone calls or customer visits.
    • View all sales activities, or all sales activities per customer and identify them with associated sales order (SAP Document Flow)
    • Create new sales activities, define their result, and associate appropriate contact person
  • Display and create sales orders

    • Create new sales orders and add materials (via quick navigation of last products or product catalogs) with their quantities and prices
    • View all historical sales orders per customer, or per sales activity
    • Directly see delivery status on one glance
    • Capture signature per sales order


Sales Plus App screenshots

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Sales Plus for SAP ERP