SAP CRM Service Manager

Improve data quality, decision-making time and productivity of field service technicians with the SAP Service Manager mobile solution.

Sqilline transforms field service companies to make the best use of their resources by providing service order planning, optimized resource scheduling and financial performance.


SAP CRM Service Manager

SAP CRM Service Manager is a mobile application which helps companies to improve services and maximize efficiency of field technicians by providing them access to relevant and real-time information and tools. It connects to the SAP CRM system so they can faster manage customer service requests, status updates, last minute changes and others.


  • Field Service Management

    Technicians receive and update service orders on mobile devices. They can generate account factsheets, create service confirmation for serialized products and add surveys.
  • Object Management

    SAP CRM Service Manager allows technicians to upload and download attachments, documentation and pictures. It enables to display customer, contract and service history information.
  • Performance Management

    Captures status of the service orders, readings, measurements, customer delivery confirmations and signatures. It also records problems, actual time and expenses.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    It is integrated to a GIS where users get route optimized directions with a GIS or a GPS.


SAP CRM Service Manager

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SAP CRM Service Manager