Bridging sponsors, investigators and research sites to identify eligible patients for clinical trials

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FIND MORE is the latest integrated application within Danny Platform designed to empower sponsors, investigators, and research sites in their pursuit of medical advancements. By harnessing the power of Real-World Data (RWD), FIND MORE significantly enhances the process of discovering clinical trials and enrolling eligible patients.
FIND MORE seamlessly integrates with the two major registries, and Clinical Trials Register EU, providing investigators with immediate and real-time access to a comprehensive list of all ongoing research studies across the globe. No more manual searches! Investigators can effortlessly and directly navigate through.
Furthermore, FIND MORE automatically integrates and structures data from electronic health records (EHR) in each hospital within a user-friendly dashboard. It acts as a centralized hub of information, allowing investigators to seamlessly navigate through patient data, medical records, and relevant demographics. Finally, investigators receive a list of patients eligible for the clinical trial they consider and explore.


Seamless Integration

  • Automatic integration with the two major registries: and Clinical Trials Register EU

Search for Eligible Patients

  • Perform site-targeted patient searches with our trained ML algorithm. It structures the inclusive/exclusive criteria and identifies eligible patients

Dymanic Map

  • Dynamic map showcases the geographical distribution of all ongoing studies

Key Benefits

Improved Optimization

  • 20% increase in accuracy of selecting the right site for sponsors

Enhanced Efficiency

  • 40% reduction in investigator's time spent on searching eligible patients for clinical trials.

Unlock Potential

  • Increased number of successfully executed clinical trials at every site


Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy access and real-time updates
List of Clinical Trials
  • Overview of all ongoing clinical research
AI Embeded algorithm
  • Machine Learning algorithm to structure free text from EHRs
Alert for New Clinical Trials
  • Stay informed about newly added or modified trials
Alert for Eligible Patients
  • Automatically identify site-eligible patients by cross-referencing site EHRs with trial criteria

Use Cases


FIND MORE empowers investigators/researchers by enhancing trial discovery, enabling patient identification, streamlining management, expanding global opportunities, and fostering collaboration in research.

Effortless Trial Discovery: Discover relevant clinical trials with ease
Swift Patient Identification: Identify eligible patients and understand criteria
Streamlined Trial Management: Access vital trial data and make informed decisions
Global Trial Reach: Explore opportunities worldwide
Collaborative Networking: Connect with sponsors, sites, and peers


FIND MORE empowers sponsors with comprehensive trial discovery, efficient site selection, streamlined patient enrollment, collaboration, and real-time monitoring.

Wide Trial Discovery: Discover trials globally with seamless integration
Efficient Site Selection: Optimize site selection with geographic insights
Simplified Patient Enrollment: Streamline patient recruitment with clear criteria
Enhanced Collaboration: Foster partnerships with investigators and sites
Real-time Monitoring: Stay informed and address issues promptly


FIND MORE empowers patients with trial access, eligibility awareness, simplified search/enrollment, and treatment options.

Trial Access: Access global trials in real-time
Eligibility Clarity: Understand trial criteria easily
Simplified Enrollment: Streamline enrollment with a user-friendly interface
Treatment Options: Explore innovative treatments and therapies

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